which company makes the most reliable HDD

I am in need of replacing my HDD drive on this computer but which company makes the most reliable? so far there are four brands, hitachi, toshiba, western digital, seagate... which one will server best?
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    i have used seagate and western digital, havnt had more problems with one or the other. western digital seems to have a longer warranty, but are a little more expensive. in my current computer, i have 2 western digital green 2tb and a black 2 tb. the black is faster, but you can hear it when its working. the greens are quiet and have been using them for a couple years without any problems but not quite as fast.
  2. Almost all these companies produce quality HDDs. But my recommendation is WD (Western Digital). I've been recommending WD drives particularly Black and Blue series HDDs for quite some time now.

    Real question should be which type of HDD: Performance Oriented or Power Efficient!
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