Razer Mamba or Razer Ouroboros ?

I finally got my gaming laptop and need a new mouse. I wanted a wirless mouse as its easier to use on a laptop. I'm in love with Razer products. So i just want a mouse from either of the two, Mamba or Ouroboros. I have a medium sized hand and use the palm grip. So I wanted to know which one i should get. Idont care about the price of either. Thanks
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  1. Which game genres are you going to play?
  2. Neither. Razer is so overrated it's not even funny. I just got the EVGA Torq and it rocks;
  3. Mostly FPS. If you can recommend either of the two. Is used razer all my gaming life. And never had a problem... But thanks anyway.
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    For fps a better Razer option is the deathadder 2013. Wireless is a hindrance to your performance in fps.However, if your only option is wireless get the mamba, better sensor and it's optical.

    Happy fragging :)
  5. i have the mamba 2012 and LOVE it. my friend has an oroborous and when i went over to his place it felt horrible in the hand(with the palm grip) so i say mamba. also the deathadder chroma is cool BUT the feel on it (got that one too) is way more shittier than the mamba i turned to return the deathadder and bought a orbweaver xD
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