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So, I have this old Dell system that I recently upgraded with more RAM and a GPU. The parts work fine, but my BIOS reads my RAM speed as 667 MHz, but Speccy reads it as 332 MHz (which I think is extremely slow considering DDR RAM could reach up to 400 MHz). Haven't tried CPU-Z, but I will later as I don't have access to my PC as of now. I was going to ask this earlier but I forgot. Anyway, any help? Is Speccy wrong or is my RAM actually that slow? If it is that slow, should I overlclock it?
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    This quote from should explain it...
    It might seem logical to refer to these different modules by their internal speeds but, thanks to the double data rate that gives DDR its name, a 100MHz module can carry out a theoretical maximum of 200 million transfers per second, while the 200MHz module can carry out 400 million transfers per second. For this reason, 100MHz DDR is known as DDR-200, 133MHz modules are labelled DDR-266 and so forth.

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  2. Thanks for clarifying that :)
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