Can $100 buy my finished build any more performance??

So I have someone recently finished building this system and am going to Microcenter in a few hours to hopefully pick another part up.

Since SSD prices have dropped I was thinking about another drive..the only problem is that I don't really need one right now and am hoping to pick up a m.2 drive this fall when there is more selection available.

Anyone have any good ideas on how I could get more performance from my system for around $100?

PS this is the pc ive built so far (1st build)...

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    Looks pretty strong to me... I would switch to a higher capacity SSD, otherwise save your money
  2. The only performance you can get is by adding another ssd in raid 0. Unless you are a storage performance freak, not worth spending the money.
  3. Thanks, I didn't get anything but was looking at the samsung 850 SSD or possibly a liquid cooling setup..
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