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Hello, I am working on a computer with some sensitive information on it.

I was wondering if I were to prepare a hard drive(with sufficient space of course) for two partitions, would I then be able to clone ANOTHER HARD DRIVE and put this into the new hard drive with two prepared partitions(one for cloned disk, other for a new os) and how would I go about this?

I don't need help setting up the new drive's partitions or anything. Just never cloned a drive before.

I have a computer with Windows 7 Enterprise with sensitive tax documents on it and this information is failing to import to a new system because getting some of these programs associated with the taxes are no longer available.

So I want to preserve this whole hard drive/system with windows 7 enterprise, put it onto a new hard drive, and on that SAME new hard drive on a different partition, install windows vista.

THEN dual boot between the two at start up, so if needed, these tax files can still be accessed, thus preserving the software state of Windows 7 enterprise.

Is this possible?
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    First, you need to make a complete copy/clone to another drive, just in case. All this faffing about with partitions may kill everything. Once done, that is disconnected and offline.
    Second, you need to copy just the actual sensitive files on a whole other drive, just in case.

    Now that we have a fall back point:
    Where does the software live? In Vista or 7 Enterprise?
  2. 7 Enterprise
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