New build, computer powering itself off during gaming

Hey everyone,

I just recently built a gaming computer to run iracing, this was my first computer build so I am no computer expert. It ran fine for the first 2 weeks and last night started randomly powering off during gameplay. It seems to run just fine idling but as soon as I get into the game and start playing it powers off, as if it is completely losing power, no shutdown screen or anything.

Components are as follows

AMD FX6300
Gigabyte 970a-d3p
msi r9 270
Corsair cx600
samsung evo 250gb ssd
thermaltake v3 black case
lg optical drive
Windows 7 64bit

This really has me irritated and I have no clue where to start. No overclocking, everything is set to factory and I did update the bios to no avail . AFter it powers off, I can turn it back on right away without isue
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  1. Can you download this program: and post us the complete system report so we can check the temperatures, processes, voltages etc...?
  2. Yes.

    I can certainly assure is not a temperature related issue. We will wait for more users to provide ideas on this. Meanwhile I will study your Speccy report.
  3. Thank you. Any help is greatly appreciated. It doesn't seem to bhe time related either. If I started if up right now, it would shut the computer down. So not like temps are building up at all
  4. is it shutting down or is it just turning off?
  5. turning off, ie as if I was to pull the power plug. No shut down screen
  6. okay i think your power supply is bad cause that only happens when your psu is bad
  7. I have a suggestion. It could be defective video card.
    Why? Because I have ran a very similar issue with my old HD 7770 six months ago. For some reason, ATI had problems with the last generations card, some being factory defective and crashing while gaming.
    And 100% sure is not a wattage problem, your PSU is a good one. 8unless is defective, but then, same issue).
  8. So is the suggestion I return it and get a replacement? It was all ordered off amazon so it could be a real pain ugh. Or is there any more diagnostics I can do?
  9. You can download a program called OCCT. It does have a section called Power supply, designed to test the stability of the wattage income. But it will be difficult to differentiate between a faulty PSU and a faulty GPU.
  10. Neither the gpu test or the power supply test instantly turn the computer off when I run occt
  11. Actually now both the PSU and GPU test instantly shut the computer down when the graphics modulation comes up. This sucks
  12. The only thing I can tell you is to buy a inexpensive 30$ Radeon HD 5450 and replace your current card, then perform the tests. If there is no shut down, you know is the video card, but if there still, we move to focus on the power supply or the memory.
  13. Okay I went ahead and bought a gigabyte r9 270 from frys to try, wanted to keep power consumption about the same incase it is the power supply not feeding enough. Going to run OCCT for a while and see what happens. If it works I'll keep the gigabyte and return the msi to amazon.
  14. No dice. Didn't work. Computer shut down after 1 min of the OCCT video test. This card will be returned. What next?
  15. The next step would be replacing the PSU.
  16. Well it looks like PSU might be the answer. Bought a 750w thermal take 80 gold power supply and temporarily hooked it up and the occt stress test has been running for 25 minutes with no shut downs
  17. Nice to hear that :) Just to make sure, let the OCCT performing the power supply test for an entire night.
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