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My Seagate Hard drive USB cable became faulty recently. It used to disconnect and reconnect every few seconds eventually it stopped working. I eventually bought a new USB cable but now the Hard Drive will not power up. The computer make the sound that it makes when a new device is connected but the device will not spin up. The hard drive dosnt even make a sound when it is connected....... Any help will be appreciated
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  1. Wow..I thought Seagate stuff was pretty bomb proof....I cannot say the same about Western digital though/I did finally get a good one though it seems....I have an old Hitachi desktar too that just will not die either....
  2. It's an external usb hard drive? can you remove the drive from it? If so, just buy a new drive and replace it.

    You can try and connect the old drive straight to your motherboard with sata data and power cables and see if it will register in bios. If so, try Seatools on it. You might be bale to recover some data with MiniTools.
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    Things like TestDisk work too to recover data from dead drives.

    It's not layman-friendly though, it works in a DOS enviroment, not a graphical interface.
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