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Hello, i'm usually using at home my old desktop (e6600, 4gb ram, Asus P5V) and a netbook acer 725 upgraded last year with 8gb ram and samsung 840 120gb. Now i've to replace primary hd for the old desktop because is not working anymore, and my first idea was to purchase a samsung 840 evo 256gb, but i've a doubt related to sata2 channel on my old desktop will slow down a lot this disk, so i was considering to mount old 840 on my desktop pc, and new 840 evo on netbook.
I need to know if you agree with my idea, my doubt is to do not take enough advantages installing ssd on my machines as previously described, maybe i've to consider to buy a slower ssd for my old desktop, but i don't know what kind of model is suitable. Currently i do not want change my old desktop, in near future (one year more or less), i will assembly a new desktop.
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    SSDs are always a good idea. Even on sata 2.
  2. raid 2 smaller ssds 64gb boot drive mirrored or stripe and use 128 for general games apps ect
  3. No need to put ssds in raid. Especially with sata 2.
  4. mirrored for error free os is a reason
  5. My single is fine. I think they're more reliable than hdds
  6. i7Baby said:
    No need to put ssds in raid. Especially with sata 2.

    Ok but it's most efficient to install a used and with medium performance 840 120gb on a sata 2 port, and mount the more recent 840 evo on a machine with sata3 but cpu limited (amd c70)? i need to know for others users the best setting.
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