New build: ASUS P8Z77-v lk motherboard, everything lights up, monitor comes on, but screen goes blank, then "no signal"

Didn't mean to start a new thread, but I guess that's what happened. Dealing with a new build computer, just finished putting it all together. It powers up, the fans and lights go on, there is one short beep, the monitor screen goes on, then briefly goes blank, then all we see is "no signal." The ASUS manual says "one short beep" means: "VGA detected, quick boot set to disabled, no keyboard detected."
Keyboard power light is on and hooked up to panel via USB. Monitor is connected to VGA via D-sub cable and an HDMI cable.
I have checked the RAM and it is sitting properly in the correct slots. All of the cables seem to be properly hooked up. What else could I do? (I've never built a computer before.)
The CPU is an Intel i3. There is 8 G of RAM on 2 4G Gskill sniper cards. There is a WD 1T hard drive and a Geforce GTX 660 card.
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  1. moss1 said:
    ...Monitor is connected to VGA via D-sub cable and an HDMI cable...

    Is it 2 cables from monitor to PC?
    If so - its wrong. Try only 1 cable.
  2. It turned out that we needed to connect the monitor with a DVI cable instead of an HDMI. The HDMI wasn't doing anything. So now it's up and running--BUT my son started in with the BIOS and neglected to set the disk drive priority. He doesn't have an optical drive, is running everything from the hard drive. So now he's stuck with the message "reboot and insert proper boot media"--but we don't know how to get back to the original BIOS screen to reset the drive priority. Do we have to reset the CMOS?
  3. Yes. Reset Bios will help.
  4. But how do we get back to the original screen? We've tried pressing different keys, and it just gives us the same message. Then we tried turning it off and on again, and it went straight back to the "reboot" message. Do we have to go reset those three little pins?
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    Resetting CMOS will reset BIOS.
  6. byza said:
    Resetting CMOS will reset BIOS.

    OK, great, thank you all so much for your help!
  7. We reset the CMOS. I hope that will work.
    Two more questions: if he installs Windows from an external optical disc drive, then disconnects the optical disc, will Windows be installed automatically on the hard drive? And if so, does he have to reset the BIOS again, so that it boots from the hard drive?
  8. When he installs windows he will select the drive to install it on. No he shouldn't have to reset the BIOS again. Usually in bios you can set a boot priority, e.g. HDD, USB, CD and it will go through in that order looking for boot devices.
  9. Great, thank you for the information!
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