New Gaming PC Please Help

Just built a new gaming pc.

Here are the specs:

Intel Pentium G333 (or something) @ 3.00mhz
Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard from MSI
750w PSU
1 4gb PNY DDR3 1333 ram
nVidia GeForce GT640 graphics
1 tb Samsung HDD

I just built the pc and I'm running x64 Windows 7 Ultimate. It's running slower than I imagined. I'm using N900 NETGEAR usb wifi adapter for my internet, so technically I guess the problem could come from wifi. I know I installed the motherboard, wifi, and graphics drivers.

What can I do to pinpoint the problem?
Do I need more ram, better router, better cpu?
All I need is a little speed, the pictures I was able to load online were high def and I'm satisfied.

Any offline suggestions?

I do have a second computer if I can use it.
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    I'd go to 8GB of DRAM and OC the CPU
  2. i would use 2x 4GB ram
    and 120GB SSD
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