Dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu with 2 SSDs and 1 HDD

Hey guys!

So here's the deal. I currently have a Crucial M4 64GB SSD with windows 7 on it, and a 1TB HDD With Ubuntu and all my files on it. The ssd is a bit old and is always low on space, so I just bought the 250GB Samsung 840 EVO.

Once it arrives, I want to restructure my setup. By the way, I don't mind losing all my system settings, etc. I'm planning on re-formatting anyways. So basically my question is how would I go about dual-booting Windows (on the 250gb) and Ubuntu (on the 64GB) while using the 1TB for storage?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well i would install Windows 7 First (Only having the Evo plugged in) Then once that is done plug in the 64 gig and install linux. This will then over right the Windows Boot and use GRUB which you want it to do. Once that is all setup you can add in your storage device. Not sure if Ubuntu does NTFS but if it doesnt you want to format it as exFAT then so they can both read and write to it. Then in windows just give it a Drive letter and in Linux give it a mount point.

    Thats just how i would do it.
  2. I strongly recommend not installing Ubuntu as FAT or exFAT. They do not support the file permission system. It makes it a lot tougher in the long run in terms of using Linux in general. A lot of things depend on it.

    You can install an app like Paragon to read ext filesystems.

    It really doesn't matter what order you install them in as long as you picked the right drive during installation. So if you made a mistake, no worries. @drtweak's method will save one extra step than if you reversed the order of installation.
  3. If you were refering to me installing Ubunto as FAT or exFAT I wasn't talking about the install. Was talking about the storage drive. I haven't tired Ubunto yet. I haven't used linux since Suse 9.3 came out almost 10 years ago. But just wants to clarify that i wasn't talking about Linux install. Of course you would want that in a ext filesystem
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