Need a gaming motherboard for 2 way sli. GTX 780 TI

I am looking for a motherboard that would work with the GTX 780 TI super-clocked from EVGA but i want it to be compatible with 3 way SLI if i would ever want to in the future.
Willing to spend up to $200

This is my setup for reference with CPU PSU etc.
Also what performance would i be getting for example with battlefield 4 or GTA V (if for some reason you would know the specs) with 1 graphic card
Thanks in advance
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    So a Z97 mobo that will do 3 way SLI? Less than $200US

    All of them have 2 way max except the Asus Z97 WS that can take 4 $269

    It's [part and parcel with Z97. Maybe try X79
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