Which CPU is better for gaming? AMD FX 4130/4300 or Intel Pentium G3240


In regards of gaming performance i have some questions,
I already have a Pentium G3240 setup on a H81 board together with 8GB and a GTX750 and a SSD.

recently I got a free AMD 970 chipset board (AsRock 970 pro3 r2). Now im looking to get a cheap FX chip for making a nippy little gaming pc. I can get a FX4130 for 54,- and a FX 4300 for 64,-.
(The FX6300 is still 90,- here and out of our budget) Will this setup be better then the Pentium? Im gonna be playing games in my livingroom using Steam Big Screen. Also is the extra 10,- worth it if i get the FX?
Thanks for answers!
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  1. 4350 would be better, because of the 4.30 Ghz. For gaming, always look at strongest single cores. (From the same generation, ofcourse).

    If its outside your budget, go with the 4300, the difference will be not that much.
  2. I'm planning to do a little overclock up to about 4,2 GHz. I already own a decent CPU cooler.

    so the extra 10,- will justify getting the FX4300 over the FX4130?
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    Do not get the 4130. That is a Bulldozer chip. These are built into a very bad architecture. Get the 43**, 63** and 83** chips from AMD that sport the newer and better Piledriver arch.
  4. Thank you I'm getting the FX4300 !
  5. Good chose, enjoy it :)
  6. Kaliz said:

    I already have a Pentium G3240 setup on a H81 board together with 8GB and a GTX750 and a SSD.

    sorry for hijacking but how well does the 3240 do in 720p? I'm planning on buying my sister a rig for christmas but I don't have much money. She wants to play AC4 Black Flag at 30+ avg fps (all low, no AA, 720p)

    can I achieve this with a G3240 + GT740 1GB GDDR5?
    I've always thought it could since I can play AC4BF on my laptop (a8 7100 + r7 m265) on 30+ fps
    but I wanted to be sure so I came here to get advice from toms. what do you think?
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