instructions how to build this pc, please help first build

i want to know if this is an easy build and how to biuld it without messing up here is the parts list.
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  1. did you already buy the soundcard? it is useless :(
    you should spend that $20 into better mobo

    it is the guide you are looking for
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    The mobo - - will take faster ram. I'd get at least 1600

    You should be able to get a GTX760 cheaper than the HD7950

    You should get a better power supply than the CX600. You'd only need 500W if you had a good one anyway. Try a Seasonic 520, XGX 550 or Antec HCG 520M

    If you put more money into a motherboard, you wouldn't need a sound card. The ASRock 970 pro 3 is already OK.

    Whichever motherboard you get, it'll already have an ethernet card and port so you won't need the adapter.
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