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Hello everybody, I have one weird question, I always puted a new HDD when building a gaming rig. Now i want to ask. I want to transfer HHD and SSD from my old pc to a new one. Can i just simply put it in a new rig and it will work? Or do I need to backup all my files, clean, put it a new pc, install windows and just then copy my old files back?
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  1. you would need to reinstall windows to what ever drive is your C: drive
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    yep,reinstall windows as well as your programs.
  3. Ok thank you all :)
  4. I'd try moving them across and see what happens. It can vary depending on the Microsoft license you agreed with. It might not work at all - so just try a re-install as advised. Or it might need re-activation with a product key - easy peasy. Or it might work as is.
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