Is my new hard drive defective?

Hello everyone, I just finished building 3 computers for my new business. After putting all the hardware together, I began installing Windows 7 on each of them. First and second computer installed perfectly fine. The third computer (my computer, it just had to be mine!), is unable to install Windows.

When installing Windows 7, I get this error msg:

Then after rebooting:

I have tried 2 different Windows 7 DVDs and made a bootable USB with Windows 7 ISO on it. I also moved the hard drive to my main computer, and same results. Tried installing about 6-8 times now.

Another thing I noticed when on the screen that asks you which drive you would like to install Windows on, sometimes there is no hard drive detected. BIOS didn't recognize it a few times on startup too.

Is it safe to say this hard drive is bad? I'm so exhausted right now lol.

All three computers have the same hardware.

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    90% chances your driver is defective. If you have a laptop or an old computer, plug its drive to the computer and check if it installs correctly, that would confirm is drive's fault.

    Also you can use Hiren's Boot CD to perform a scan test of the drive (sector errors and all...).
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