how to install windows 7 on a hp laptop thats running linux operating system

Need help please!
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  1. during the installation of Windows, where it ask you to choose a drive to install the OS on, use Shift+F10 that should open a DOS window.

    use DISKPART to Clean the drive.

    After that you should be able to install Windows on the drive
  2. Got Windows disk? Or getting Windows file for usb by download. When you install it will wipe your disk. Linux will disappear - and all your apps and data. So back up your data.

    Boot into bios and make your dvd or usb the primary boot drive. Put your disk/usb in and power off. Power up and Windows installation will start. Follow the prompts. When finished remove disk/usb then power off. Power up into bios. Make your hard drive the primary boot drive again.

    Reinstall drivers and apps and copy data back.

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