Need help with PSU for my build

my build is Xion Xon 560 White case, MSI A78M-E35 motherboard, AMD A6-6400K processor APU. Only problem I have is the Power Supply Unit. The motherboard only has 4 pin but every PSU I see has 1x6+2 pins and I can't find one that will work/compatible. Please help I don't want this to go to waste.
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  1. You confuse two connectors,the 6+2 is for a gpu and the 4pin is from the motherboard.

    With just these components will the next psu already be overkill,but it will give upgrade possiblities,
    it's also not the most expensive.
    The psu has two connectors for a gpu and one for the motherboard which is a 4+4pin (8pin),you would only need one half of that last connector to connect to your motherboard.
  2. But what I don't get is how do I know that it will fit the motherboard.
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