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Hey Guys,
I have been looking at Monitors recently as I am finding we are moving past 1080p and into a world where 4K is a more commercial option.
I plan on using this monitor with a lot of gaming (my build has the GTX 780 if that puts a limit on my FPS with a higher resolution monitor), and I also plan on using it for photo editing so I would like some relatively crisp colouring.
I don't know what the whole deal with response time is, I know that gaming monitors are under 5ms and usually 2ms. So I don't know if 12ms is going to be too blurry for gaming (usually first person shooters so very fast movements). I do some photo editing, and so I would not particularly want a monitor with rubbish colour display, but I don't quite know what standards there are for good colouring. Most monitors that are designed for gaming should probably be half decent for colour, and half decent is what I can live with for that. I plan on achieving a minimum of 60FPS for gaming, and I would aim for 100FPS+ in a monitor. But you tell me what really matters.
Basically I am asking for what you all think on monitors, I forgot to mention I have a budget of under of about $500, but I am aware that Amazon and other companies have large bargains (like 50% off), so give me your best, with a good price to quality ratio, monitors.
OH and also! Should I go for a 4K monitor for gaming, or is 1080p fine at 27"? I would like to go above 1080p, and I would like a good response time. Resolution is my priority number 1, as I want a high resolution, response time I would like to reduce as much blur as possible, and colouring I would prefer a nice colouring and nothing blotchy, something that's simply nice. But thanks if you can help me out :)
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  1. If I were you I would take a look at the Dell UltraSharp U2713H PremierColor (which is not to be confused with the older u2713hm). Its RRP is way outside your budget but it is probably still the most affordable 27" screen with a 14-bit adjustable LUT, which is needed for true hardware calibration, which in turn is recommended for photo editing. The resolution is 2560x1440 pixels, so it cannot play back 4K movies at their native resolution (but there are not many 4K movies available yet to begin with). It is still "above 1080p" though. Note that hardware calibration for this particular monitor can only be performed with an (optional) X-rite i1DisplayPro colorimeter - other models are locked out.
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    The following monitors are all 27" WQHD monitors:

    Dell U2713HM: This is a great overall monitor with excellent performance and features. I personally prefer it over the more expensive U2713H due to the oversaturated colors. Price: ~$650

    ASUS PB278Q: Another good overall monitor, cheaper than the U2713HM but with less accurate colors. The quality control is not as good and Dell still has the best customer service. Price: ~$550

    Overlord X270OC: You probably haven't heard of this monitor. Overlord is a small, US-based company, and the X270OC is an exciting monitor. Tailored specifically for gamers, it has good color reproduction and the ability to "overclock" to 120Hz and beyond. All of this comes for $450.

    I recommend the Overlord monitor. Although it is a new brand, it is US-based and is more reliable than the Korean brands on ebay. Once overclocked, it competes head-to-head with monitors twice its price. Everything will look more fluid at 120Hz and there will be less ghosting and artifacts. Though it falls a bit short of the previous two in terms of color reproduction, it's cheap and it offers outstanding value.
  3. Asus PB278Q will be one of the best options for you in my own opinion cos it relates very much to what you described as your needs.Or if you can go a little bit higher in budget, i do recommend Dell U2711 or Viewsonic VP2770.Just be sure to check their specs individually before you arrive at a final decision.This page here will help you with more details about these monitors for photo editing i just mentioned including a table that compares their specifications.
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