Need a little help in installing a power supply.

Please be kind on me if this is a stupid question.
I just bought a Seasonic S12II 520 PSU, and I am installing it on my Corsair carbide spec-2 case. This case has a bottom mount for PSU's. My question is do I install is keeping the PSU fan upwards or downwards? I see the Seasonic stamping is inverted if I try to install it with the fan up, so I guess I should install it with the PSU fan downwards?

If I install it keeping the fan downwards doesn't it block the CPU fan airflow?

Thanks in advance
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    The PSU fan should suck air from outside, then blowing it out the back. A bottom mounted PSU should have the fan grill on the bottom.
  2. Thanks a lot!! I can start installing it now with confidence :) Now I see there is a small space and grill/dust filter at the bottom of the case.
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