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Hi guys i updated my pc last week and my new pc specs are

i5 2500k
10 gb ddr3 1333mhz (4+4+2)
500gb hdd (5 years old. took from old pc)
gtx 660
windows 8.1

i saw many forums in which some says disable and some says not.
i use my pc for games,Photoshop editing,surfing and movies.not to much multitasking at the same time.

so should i disable page file??? will it increase the performance of my old hdd /loading times??
now page file is set to 10gb by default.
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  1. no, it on't do anything and better keep it on
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    Leave it on. At most, reduce the size. But don't turn it off completely. Some applications may choke with no pagefile.
  3. Well as for me , i was having so lag spikes and stutters in the amazing man 2 , spider man web of shadows, dead rising 3 and watch dogs . so i googled and read some where that disabling page file helps and after disabling page file , it was like wow game start playing smooth as butter , lag spikes for web of shadows and spider man almost gone to 0 , and was getting smooth gameplay for dead rising 3 and watch dogs was like 80% better then with page file on , so u should really try it, helps alot in gaming.
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