Anyone using H81 with 4th gen CPU? Need Help?

Good evening,

Today we went to buy a PC. I was planning a 4th gen i3 or i5 like i5 4440 on one of those boards;

It says it supports the 4th gen with a bios update. But, the salesman said that they tired, they didn't work together. People brought them back and that I needed a h97 MB (if I recall correctly ). And, he suggested this combo; i5 3340 with

it's not that there is a noticeable performance difference between the two (except lacking USBand sata 3). But, It crosses my mind that he's trying to sell out the old series of CPUs (although he looked like a very nice person.) or he didn't try bios update. We're gonna buy them very soon. . If I insist and buy my combo and doesn't work, it's not gonna be cool :). So, I wanted to ask your opinions. please share any sort of opinions/ experiences.

Other components will be; R7 250 DDR5 with our existing 720p monitor and 8 gb 1600 mhz ram.
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    Sounds like the salesman is being dishonest. The H81 board, being a 1150 socket, can only support 4th gen and 4th gen refresh CPUs. The idea that it wouldn't support an i5 4440, which is not one of the refresh CPUs, is ridiculous; if it wasn't compatible, then no CPU would work with the board out of the box. After looking up both boards, essentially the very first BIOS for both of them, the ones that came with them when they were first released, support that chip, so you should be fine.

    H81 would certainly be a good choice, but if you can get an H87 or H97 for similar price or very close, it might be worth opting for that.
  2. I see, that's what I thought, too. Nonetheless, it's gonna be a difficult decision. Boards with better chip-sets are like twice the price and out of budget. I guess I should at least check different stores. Maybe I'll find them cheaper or at least a salesman that's gonna help in either case...

    Thanks a lot!
  3. No worries, glad to help! Good luck! :)
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