hello ok so I have a Dell inspiron M5040 laptop and it says that its not detected my hard drive what can I do to fix it!?

Hello, ok so I have an Dell inspiron M5040 and I have error that it cannot detect the hard drive what can I do to fix this problem!?
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  1. is it hooked up right also how old is the hard-drive?
  2. Is the hdd seen in the bios? Have you tried running diagnostics on the hdd?
  3. Has the system been dropped (or damaged in any way) recently? If so, you may need to re-seat the HDD into the SATA/power connector.

    Also, by pressing F2 when powering on, does the BIOS recognize the HDD at all?
  4. My computer is about two years old, yes when I rain the diagnostic test that what it told me that my hard drive wasn't detected but everything else was working get, also I did drop it by mistake yesterday but it's wasn't a drastic fall
  5. And it worked properly before dropping it? If so, you may just need to remove the HDD and then re-install it.
  6. Yes it was working great and if so how would I remove and reinstall!?
  7. Note the link just before your last message.
  8. Ok thank you
  9. One more question should i try to reset my hdd on to the SATA/power connection first or should I just remove the hdd and reinstall it!?
  10. Same difference. Remove the HDD (physically) and then simply remount it.
  11. Because when I turn my laptop on its keep saying to reboot it and to select proper boot device but when I ran the test that's when it says that my hard drive wasn't detected
  12. After removing and then re-installing (physically put it back into the system), power on and enter the BIOS. Make sure your system recognizes the HDD and ensure your boot order has the HDD listed first.
  13. O ok I never done it before and new to the technology thing so wish me luck!!!!
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