AUX temperature is increasing very high!

Here are my temps:

It goes between 75C-128C

I don't know if it's just the SpeedFan or if i have a bad detector thingy. really need some help. here are my specs: (everything is cold and doesn't fell warm)

FX 6100
XFX 7770 GHz DDR5
16 Blue corsair ram @1866
Cooler master hyper evo 212 CPU Cooler with cooler master thermal compound.
SSD Samsung 840 Pro
3T 7200 Green HDD.
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    The utility HWMonitor will also show the same abnormality for your AUX temperature that you see in SpeedFan.

    AUX is just an unassigned input for the Super I/O (Input/Output) chip on the motherboard, which is a common problem. The value for AUX will randomly wander and may rise as high as 128.

    AUX is of no concern and can easily be disabled in SpeedFan by clicking on "Configure", then under the "Temperatures" Tab just uncheck "AUX" and click "OK".

    CT :sol:
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