MSI G970a-46 with 4x2gb 1333 ddr3 ram (total 8gb) with fx6300 Over Clock problem

I am a noob. I have 4x2gb 1333 ddr3 ram (total 8gb). I am trying to OC the 6300 but it won't reach 4.2 or above. May I ask if my ram setup is no good for overclocking the fx6300? Or is it the motherboard problem (heard that board is crap) ? Can I still OC 6300 to 4.3ghz or above? I have master cooler evo installed.
Should I purchase another set of 2x4gb 1333 ddr3 ram to get better OC? If it doesn't make too much different to buy a new set of 2x4gb 1333 ram. I would just stay as it is.

Thanks for the advise!!

AMD FX-6300
MSI 9701-g46 mobo
master cooler Evo,
4x2gb 1333 DDR3 ram,
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    MSI 9701-g46 has a poor thermal and power design , don't overclock with that bord you may damage your other components

    The G43 , G45 , G46 are very poor boards.
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