gtx 780 overheating problem? Not really sure why...

I just purchased a used gaming PC on eBay and as soon as I got it, I installed gpu-z just to quickly scan over the idle temps. What I came across was nothing short of startling.... Without playing any games or doing anything else on the PC, (except for a bit of internet browsing) the idle temps are stagnating at 54 degrees Celsius!! For idle temps, isn't that extremely hot? I'm too scared to do any gameplay on it out of fear that it may overheat. Is this normal? And if not how should I fix it? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

(BTW the PC does have 3 case fans and the graphics card is an EVGA superclocked geforce gtx 780 =>
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  1. Install EVGA PrecisionX and check the temps in that software. Also use HWMonitor to check the temps. IF temps are still quoted as high, adjsut the speed fan curve in PrecisionX to lower the temps. At idle these temps are high. What is your ambient temp
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    That is quite hot, those cards (stock metal blowers) idle in the low-mid 30s with an ambient temperature of 23-25c. You might want to make sure it's not clogged with dust, make sure the fans are spinning properly (check the RPMs), if the OS was already installed, check to see if there's a performance monitoring program like Afterburner or PrecisionX and check on the fan speed curve to see if it's not set to something stupid like only ramping up after hitting 50c+. If none of this checks out, maybe the card needs to have the cooler reseated and/or have thermal paste reapplied. I've personally experienced an odd issue where I sold my stock cooler 780 to someone who then had issues with it idling in the 40s-50s instead of low 30s like it did for me; it later turned out to be some driver issue where the card wasn't clocking down from 3D clocks, and it wasn't getting sufficient airflow.

    On a side note, there's nothing to be scared of just because the card is running hot at idle. You should still try it out with some game benchmarks and see how the temps are. If the card starts getting too hot (past 84c I think), it'll start throttling by lowering clock speed and voltage in order to cool off. The only way you could cause any real damage to the card is if you ran excessive voltage through it (1.2v+) without sufficient cooling to the GPU core and voltage regulation modules.
  3. Quote: I just purchased a used gaming PC on eBay

    Thats your problem right there ^

    Get arctic MX4 thermal compound and apply it to the GPU (after cleaning the old stuff off of course)
  4. If the card is in warranty, then don't do anything with HSF. It is a blower type HSF card. If temps are still reported high, you may consider RMA it.
  5. Haaaa! used PC. Agreed with thelasthallow above.
  6. That temperature might be completely normal for just simple web browsing. Your webpages likely have flash graphics and other items that will cause your video card to kick into a higher clock state with higher core speeds and higher temperatures.

    The only way to know is to fire up Afterburner or PrecisionX and see whether your clock speeds are at idle or if they have kicked up in speed. The other factor to check is your fan speeds. If they are running really fast, and your clock speeds are at idle, then there's a problem. But that temperature in and of itself does not necessarily mean something's wrong in the middle of a warm summer.

    Just doing some testing on my GTX 780 Ti. With simple web browsing, my temps went from 35c to 45c and clock speeds rose from idle, 324 MHz, to full 3D gaming clocks, 876 MHz. That's completely normal, and I expect you may be using, I think it's Chrome, that has full GPU acceleration.
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