can all motherboards overclock amd fx processors?

^ says it all!
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  1. that a lot of motherboards, do you have specific motherboard in mind?
  2. All AM3+ boards can technically be used for overclocking, but it's not always a good idea to do so; Using a $50 board to overclock an FX-8350 will only result in a fried motherboard and/or CPU.
  3. No. Not all motherboards will even take fx processors
  4. So what should be written on the motherboard so i know it will overclock fx-8350. like to overclock intel haswell processors the processor should have a chipset of z87 or z97. im asking like that
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    Generally all 990FX and 990X chipset boards are good for overclocking, but I'd avoid MSI, their AM3+ boards aren't the best.
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