Will this graphics card fit in my case?

I am putting together a Micro-ATX build. Its my first micro-atx build and I am unsure if some of my parts will fit or not. Looking at the dimensions, I think it does but I just need some reassurance.

I will be using a GTX 650 2GB graphics card

The cases I am thinking of using are:
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    You can fit a GTX 760 in the Fractal Design Core 1000 , but you can't use the bottom HDD bay.
    GTX 760 is around 24cm long , whereas the GTX 650 is only 19.8cm long , so you should be fine with the Core 1000.
    I'd personally pick that case because aesthetically , it wins for me:) Also , Fractal Design is a well known , high quality brand
    But , if you are on a tight budget , the zalman can fit a GPU up to 30cm long , so you could use that as well!
    (Source: Official webpages for cases)
  2. Okay. Thanks for the help!
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