Can the BFG EX1000W PSU power a 780ti system?

Hello, to start off here are my system specs:

Windows 7
GTX 670
i5-3570K, stock speed atm
16GB 1600 RAM

As mentioned, I currently have a BFG EX1000W PSU and I'm hoping someone can confirm my understanding of how this PSU distributes it's power and whether or not it could comfortably run a 780ti. In the link above Johnnyguru states that the PSU's 12V rails can deliver upwards of 82A (I see that 170W of that 984W can be allocated to the 3.3V and 5V rails so I'm assuming that achieving 82A is highly unlikely) and that the overcurrent limit per rail is 45A. The 780ti's specs suggest 600 watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 42 amps on the +12 volt rail and 1x8 pin connecter + 1x6 pin connector to power it. My understanding suggest that those specs are for the entire system under load since reviews suggest that a system with an OC'd 780ti under load consumes 372 watts.

I'm under the assumption that using an 8 pin connector from one rail and a 6 pin connector from another rail would provide more than enough power to run the GPU and that the PSU could handle any future overclocking of the CPU/GPU. Is this correct? Thanks for your time.
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    It's not a good power supply , but can easily power your system with a single 780ti and overclocking.
  2. Yeah, so it seems. I'm planning to get a new PSU, but it will have to wait until next month. I primarily wanted to know if I had to wait on the 780 because of the PSU. Thanks a lot for the quick response.
  3. Look at the EVGA 1000W + G2 and P2 supplies.

    Your welcome. :D
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