windows 7 home basic sees the ssd but not the hdd

Here is the system I built yesterday:

Everything works well, so far, but windows 7 does not see my seagate 1tb hdd, but it does see(and is installed on) the ssd. I have spent a lot of time in the huge BIOS and the mobo does see them both. I switched the ide/ahci, moved the cables to different ports and all that. I notice the navy blue data only ports, do not show up at all. I tried installing windows again, this has worked in the past because it asks which drive to put it on, it did no such thing this time. I am out of ideas. PLEASE HELP.

I have built computers before, this is probably my last, I am sick to death of ALWAYS having problems.
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    Found it under start, right click my computer, go down to manage, then click on disk management and there it is!
    Hope this helps someone.
    Now to fix the other stuff :(
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