Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb vs Gigabyte R9 270x 2gb

Well, I know the GTX 760 is better than the R9 270x
I just want to know if the difference between them worth the 55$ dollars (in my country)

Gigabyte GTX 760 = 296$
Gigabyte R9 270x = 243$
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    hi i think if you prefer red or green is your biggest choice the 760 is infront but not by heaps. personally i would go a 760 but im nvidia fan. if you can put the $55 into something else to boost your system then you maybe at better value to got with the 270x. check out the comparison on the link above for details of the 2 cards. note they are reference cards so if both cards are oc'ed then they will perform better
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    If you would utilize the features that are included with nVidia such as ShadowPlay or G-sync then go nVidia. Otherwise, if you just need performance then go with the 270X. A $55 premium isn't worth it.
  3. Currently I am out of money, I just wanted to know if the GTX deserves waiting till I have money.
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