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Awhile back i bought some extra RAM to get 16gb currently have 8gb(2x 4gb). I know i dont really need it but i already bought it and been having it for a good amount of time. To get to the question i have a 212 evo CPU cooler, how do i make space to fit the extra RAM? Im not too sure i remember but i think i have the cooler fan pulling air out the back of my case.
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  1. Given that you have the current RAM and cooler, every option is not the best.

    Move the fans around to see if you can free up some space.
    Remove the RAM heatsink?
    Get low-profile RAM
    Get a different cooler.
  2. My case is a Antec illusion mid tower. I have two front 120mm fans and a 120mm on top and on the side with and exhaust fan in the rear. So I pretty much have the side and the front bringing cool air in and the top and back exhausting. The fan that came with the evo 212 can't be switched around to free up ram without messing up air flow so that brings up my next question. How do I find a 120mm that works in the opposite manner that alsoclips on to my heatsink so that I can have a pull method going on with my cooler towards my rear exhaust fan ?
  3. If you are wanting a pull rather than a push configuration, unclip the fan from the cooler, unscrew the fan from the clip, flip the fan over, screw the clip back on and attach it to the opposite side of the cooler. Alternately, you can just clip the fan on a little higher so it sits about your RAM, or you can remove the heat sinks from the RAM, they are mostly decorative.

    What type of ram do you have?
  4. Thanks for that idea didn't even know that was possible. The RAM I'm using is Corsair Vengeance
  5. Yeah those are some big hair combs. You can remove the heat spreader no problem, but they won't look as cool.
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