How to repair a Dead Hard Drive?

Hi Guys!

My brother gave me back my HDD in a non working condition.
I went into disk management and the disk says "Not Initialized" and "Unallocated".
I tried using a program "EASUES Partition Manager" but I am not quite sure if I did it right.
I tried right clicking and creating a simple volume and assigning a drive letter, only to find that those options aren't available.

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  1. Dang.
    I was hoping this wasn't the case.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. But just to clarify, my PC does indeed detect the drive.
  3. Sounds like it has just had the partition deleted. Should be able to recreate the partition and format the drive.
  4. How would I go about doing that?
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    Well normally you would just right click the "Unallocated" space and create a simple volume to do this. Since it didn't work, something might be up. Make sure the connections are in good. After that delete any other partitons you might see on the disk. Multiple partitions could cause the trouble.

    If those do not work to get the disk to create a simple volume, then the drive does have problems but it sounds like it is most likely the controller board. The silicon board on the hard drive might have become defective, and those can usually be replaced. You would need to check Ebay usually for a replacement but they are not very expensive typically and it could save the drive. It may not work though.
  6. Thanks. It seems to be the controller itself.
    It is a cheap Toshiba 320GB notebook drive. Do you think it is worth the money to repair it or should I go ahead and buy a new drive?
  7. Well I would get the exact model number off the hard drive and look up if you can find one of the boards and the price. If its only like $5 or $10 then its probably worth it to go ahead. Though it also has a chance of not working.

    Were as you can get a 1TB HDD for around $50 usually, so if it costs anything higher, best not to.
  8. I think I will just wait and get a 2TB drive.
    Thank you so much for the help.
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