Just got a new monitor running 1920x1080, some games only run at 50fps

Hi there

I just got a Samsung S24C450 which is running at 1080p 1920x1080 and sits at a desktop resolution of 50fps. Most of my older games (Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3 etc) override this when I launch them and run happily at 60fps like they've always done but Black Ops II for some reason will now only run at 50fps with V-Sync on. If I change it back to native resolution at 1920x1080 (pc) then it goes back up to 60fps. Is there some way I can configure Black Ops II so it runs at 60fps?

System specs are as follows
i5 760 2.8ghz
Nvidia GeForce 670 2GB video card
WIndows 7 64-bit

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Did you try re-installing the video card drivers?
    What was your previous monitor?

    It could be that windows hasn't yet recognized that it's a new monitor and that it still must be displaying the older resolutions and refresh rates of your previous monitor.

    EDIT: Spellings...
  2. So you are running it at a non native setting with a 50Hz refresh rate? And it syncs to 50FPS. But if you put it at the native setting of 60Hz it runs at 60FPS?

    why do you think this is a problem? Set it to the native resolution...
  3. Tried reinstalling the video card drivers, no change. My previous monitor was an ancient Samsung SyncMaster 225MS that I got in 2007. Just replaced it as the backlight was dying. I rebooted and no change.

    I was hoping to keep it on 1080p as it just looks a little nicer.... or is there not much difference between the two and I'm just being overly fussy? I don't know much about monitors seeing as the one I just got rid of was nearly 7 years old... haha
  4. Seems like a coincidence. I too just replaced an old Samsung Syncmaster 2033SW from 2008 because the panel was broken.

    I had my refresh rates incredibly varied on my older monitor, never being at the native one. It was the same for the newer one I recently bought, but then I re-installed the video card drivers and problem was solved.

    You've installed the monitor drivers from the disc you got, I presume, thought I doubt it would make any difference. Did you do a clean re-install of the drivers? I mean, by using a software like 'Driver sweeper'.
  5. Interesting. Yes I installed the drivers from the disc I got with it, haven't used Display Driver Uninstaller or anything.

    It just seems weird that when it sits at 1080p all games except one happily jump back to 60fps which makes me think it's just that one game being pedantic.

    My old monitor used to constantly sit on 60hz with everything, only since putting this new one in has the option for 50hz even come up.
  6. If there is an option for 50Hz, there must be for 60Hz (the native one) too, right?

    Why not keep it at that? Or does the image seem different?

    EDIT: I just remembered. Are you using a different VGA cable or the older one?
  7. There is an option for 60hz, but on the native setting. On 1080p there's only an option for 50hz.

    The image seems very slightly different on 1080p, slightly easier on the eyes. I've had times in the past where I've strained my eyes a bit from looking at monitors set on lower resolutions which is why I wanted to keep it on 1080p if possible. Is there much of a difference between 1080p and 1920x1080 native or is it just my imagination?

    I've heard it said that native resolution is always the best but is that the case even when it comes to 1080p?

    Cheers for your help, bit of a monitor noob here, haha.
  8. Best answer
    Your native resolution means the resolution that the manufacturers intend you to keep.

    1080p = 1920x1080.

    Can you post a screenshot like this?

  9. And yes, do keep it in the native resolution.
  10. Thank you Gman 450. This is my screenshot -

    As you can see it's got the option of either 1920x1080 (native) or ulta 1080p 1920x1080 at the top.
  11. Not working. trying again -

  12. Oh wow. I've never seen such options before.

    But I guess it's best if you keep it at the native resolution than the ultra ones.
  13. It's okay. I already checked your post's BB code and found the twitter link. :)

    MAN! You're an author! Had no idea! :D
  14. I do find that the 1080p looks slightly better. I might try them both out for a bit and see which one I prefer. If I have to change it each time I want to run Black Ops II then there's not much I can do I guess.

    And yes I am an author! haha. Twitter is very useful for me helping to get my name out there :)
  15. Alright. Go according to your preference.

    Gamer and an author, huh? Nice!
  16. Yeah dude. Been doing both as long as I can remember :D
  17. Sorry to go off topic, but how many books have you written? :)

    I love reading and from seeing your twitter page, 'No way out but through' is your latest book?
  18. No problem. Yes that's my first and only one so far. I've been writing blogs for years, wrote no way out but through as a biographical piece during a very dark time in my life both for therapeutic reasons and to help give hope to others who may need it.
  19. That's inspirational!
    Really great work. I'm sure you'll have many more great books to write. :)
  20. Thank you sir. :)
  21. Solved. I found this information on the nVidia forums -

    Looks like the 1080p 50hz mode is more designed for if I am running an HDTV, and that the 60hz mode is designed for monitors. So I'm going to switch it to 60hz & get it adjusted just to my liking.

    Thanks for your help Gman450!
  22. No problem. :)
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