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Hello everyone of the hard rive world I recently got my self an ssd and cloned my stuff from my slow old hdd to my new ssd and now wanted to wipe my old drive of all files and then use it as a storage drive for the bulk of my PC files that don't need the perks of ssd's but after wiping my hard drive I soon found out that in order to then use the hard drive for storage purposes I need to partition my drive. I and using Parted Magic's G parted and need to know what to settings to use, I dont need anything fancy I just want to use my drive like I always do as one single Storage device, my Primary Questions are what file system to use for a simple drive without an OS: on it although I will be installing windows 7 programs onto it only. Any other info Like What I need to label the partition as and what Free Space Preceding, Free Space Following And what allign to setting to use. Thanks ahead of time

1tb 7200rpm Sea gate Barracuda Hard Drive
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  1. If it's for Windows, then you want NTFS. Use the whole drive, so no free space before or after.
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    Label it whatever you like, make it NTFS, and make it allocate all the drive into one partition and choose whatever drive letter you want thats given to you.
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