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want to buy a Phanteks PH-TC90LS low profile cooler to replace the stock cooler but i don't have the know how to change the back-plate can i use the back-plate already installed or will i have to use the one that comes with the cooler itself?
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  1. The cooler will come with anything extra that you'll need. Just make sure it fits your socket eg lga1150 or whatever. It will also have instructions
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    removing the backplate is pretty simple mate, just undo the screws/nuts and bolts and lift it off. there shouldnt be any more to it.
    some coolers have foam spacers that attach with gum to either the backplate or the motherboard. either way just peel it off and clean up any residue. (an eraser is good for this)
    as to whether you can use the old 1, that will depend on the new cooler and how it attaches. some will attach directly to the pcb while others will need to pass though the mounting holes and attach to the backplate. if it passes rite through and attaches to the backplate then its likely that it provides additional bracing, if this is the case you will need the 1 that comes with the cooler as it will provide the rite depth spacing for the mounting screws.
  3. oh i opened the other side of the case and noticed a huge black metal plate around the cpu which im guessing is the backplate removing it should be easy as i wont have to remove the motherboard but thanks anyways it has screws going through it
  4. lol i forgot some cases dont have a cpu backplate cutout... but yeah just undo it and remove it...
  5. any suggestions for a low profile fan that will fit an fm2 socket
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