HDD showing as two Simple Volume - How do I make it into One Primary Partition?

I just installed an SSD and reinstalled the OS onto it. I wanted to clear my HDD afterwards. However, the Partition on the HDD was still there. I wanted to remove, so I right clicked and deleted, leading to an allocated space. I wanted to extend my HDD to fill up that remaining space, but instead it resulted in two parts and is showing up as Simple Volume.

From what I seen, everyone has there HDD or other storage as one block with a blue header (Primary Partition). How can I do it convert the two Simple Volume into one Primary Partition?
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    delete them both and create a new, single, simple volume.
    I cant see your pic at work, but if your volume says its a system volume then windows probably wont let you since you are still actually booting from it.

    You can move it pretty easily using easybcd.
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