Help Upgrading Dell Inspiron 560s Graphics Card

Hi guyz

I have a Dell Inspiron 560s with the following specs:

Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700@ 3.00GHz
2 GB DDR3 Ram(Maybe i will upgrade to another 2GB)
Intel G43 Motherboard

I have one PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot and am planning to buy the Geforce GT 610 2GB DDR3 Synergy edition graphics card. Please don't ask why. I have budget limitations. My case is slimline and GT 610 comes with low-profile braces, so i can fit in my cabinet. That's not an issue. I have a 250w PSU which is enough to power up the GT 610 as it's peak load is 29w and i have also calculated my entire wattage with graphics card and it should not go more than 223w. So i am fine in this section.

My question is that i don't have an option in my bios to disable onboard graphics. So does that mean i can't install any graphics card? Did they place the pci-e 2.0 x16 slot for trolling? Or will it automatically change into dedicated when installing the card? I am really confused. Can anyone help this poor man? :(
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  2. Thank you so much. You have just made my day! :) Also you too own inspiron 560s?
  3. no i had a custom pc means all accessories are of different brand

    My Specs


    Motherboard = GIGABYTE GA-B85M-D3H

    Power supply = Cooler Master Extreme II 625 WATT

    Processor = Intel® Core™ i5-4460 Processor (6M Cache, 3.2 GHZ)

    Ram = Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600 BUS DDR3 (4gb x2)

    Hard disk = Seagate 2TB 3.5" SATA HARD DRIVE 64MB CACHE

    Graphics card = GTX 450 2GB
  4. I just wanted to ask if the Sapphire R9 280x would work with the Dell 560?
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