Intel i5 4690k integrated graphics. Can I game?

I recently built a rig with the Intel i5 4690k with integrated graphics. I purposely did NOT purchase a graphics card as most of my usage is work related. However, I have found some time on my hands and was wondering, could my GPUless rig run a game like FIFA 14? Can integrated graphics handle it? Or am I better off waiting to buy a £50 standard GPU seen as FIFA isn't particularly demanding, or is it? I'm VERY new to gaming so I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    The iGPU in your i5 is not really intended for gaming. However, you may be able to play FIFA 14 on lowest settings at max. 1080p just about fine at 30fps. Don't expect too much but you might be fine if you aren't doing anything too enthusiast. Otherwise, it is always advised and will always be more fruitful to buy a good cheap GPU such as the radeon 7770 or GTX 650 and they have HUGE value for money results. With a gpu like the 7770, you can even play FIFA 14 on max settings no prob. As for now, best is to try it out and see how you like it!
  2. You don't need a GPU if FIFA 14 is all you're going to be playing; The system requirements are pretty low:
  3. most likely you will be able to play fifa 2014 But only at low setting. Intel IGP (integrated graphic process) is weak compared to anything.

    so yes probably you will be able to play! will it look gorgeous ? probably not. you could invest into a GPU, for low gaming demands, you could find something between 100-150$ depending of how much you expect to game.
  4. GPUs at the ultra-low-end of the spectrum are only marginally better than the IGP so I would not bother with those - the bang-per-buck curve is very steep at the entry-level... you can often get twice the performance for only a 10-20% higher price.
  5. Intel® HD Graphics 4600
    It's Definatley not a high end card
    Benchmarks rate it about the same as the old Gforce 9800

    I used to run Modern warfare 2, and world of warcraft on close to full detail on one of these no bother.

    Looking at newer games like say Bioshock Infinate, they list Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics as a minimum spec, so you should be ok if you set the detail to low.

    I find these Intel chipsets work well with Nvidia cards if you wanted to add an entry level one you'd probably see a big improvement.
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