Hi, I have R7 250 1G ddr5 some games like the amazing spider man works very bad?

AMD Radeon R7 250 1gb ddr5 very low gaming performance at some games like the amazing spider man 1&2 gta 4 while works so fine with other games saint rows4 and nfs most wanted dead space3 ?
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  1. What's the CPU?
  2. okcnaline said:
    What's the CPU?

    amd A4-3400 APU 2.70 GHZ
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    Yes... You Should or MUST get bad Frames per second or Slow/horrible gameplay.... But it has noting to do with your R7 250... You Need a decent CPU to play recent games.

    So, either Replace your processor with A8 6 or You can choose the RISKY Way tog get Better performance. I am talking about Overclocking your Processor... Still you will have tough time to get Stability because it is a Non 'K' processor...

    Get a decent Cooler and Overclock your Crappy processor... If you can atleast 4 GHZ then you CAN PLAY Recent GAMES at LOW-MED 720P without any lag/shutter....

    Best of Luck...

    [ if you no idea about overclocking you can get tutorials from youtube, or you can ask this forum, but we will need your Whole CPU Specification]
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