How can I install and multiboot windows 7 on preinstalled windows 8 computer?

First time trying this site, how can I multiboot windows 7 on a preinstalled windows 8 computer?

When I attempted to install Windows 7 on a newly made partition it gives me an error notifying me that the selected disk is of partition GPT and cannot be installed on that partition. I checked all other available partitions and I get the same error. I read online my only other option is to wipe the drive clean and reformat it to the appropriate format. That's not an option for me since I have important files from my college studies I can't afford to lose and atm I don't have a drive large enough to backup all my files.

Can someone post any other solutions to installing W7?

Other info:
Laptop is an Inspiron 15R Touchscreen
Currently upgraded to Windows 8.1
All drivers up to date and bios is back to stock (Was changed to legacy to test out booting)
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  1. Read this:
    You basically will need a separate drive for Windows 7. Other option is a VirtualBox run.
  2. PandaBear270 said:
    Read this:
    You basically will need a separate drive for Windows 7. Other option is a VirtualBox run.

    Not sure If im replying correctly without answering my own question lol, but I saw something stand out form the useful information you provided which was so:

    "For Windows, only the 64-bit version of Windows from XP onward support booting from GPT disk. If you are getting a laptop pre-installed with 64-bit Windows 8, most probably it is using GPT. For Windows 7 and earlier version, the default configuration will be MBR instead of GPT."

    Does that mean I'll be able to install 64 versions of XP+ or is it only XP 64 bit I can install?
    The error I'm receiving is from attempting to install a 64-bit version of Windows 7 ultimate, so it's quite confusion with that conclusion.

    *Excuse my lack of grammar and indirect sentences, I've always been bad at organization of ideas*
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