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Hi I'm new to this forum. I recently bought an SSD and fresh installed Windows 8.1. Also added a new CPU cooler to the system and gave it a clean-up. Since then, I've been hearing a strange random short "clicking"/ "chirping" / "screeching" sound (sorry I'm not sure how to describe it) from the hardware (not through the speaker) on and off, sometimes once every two minutes, sometimes in shorter and longer intervals. The loudness is not uniform either, sometimes it's tiny but occasionally it becomes a lil bit louder and longer. I would say it sounds like the system is having hiccups.

I'm not sure exactly where it comes from but when I open the case, it seems to be coming from the front side of the case where the hard disks are placed. Did anyone have a similar experience? Would really appreciate your help as it's starting to get annoying... :(
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    Sounds like your hard drive is going bad any noise from a hard drive is not good so backup everything on that drive now. Do it sound like any of these sounds
  2. The SSD and Win 8.1 do not contribute to any sounds. If as you say it is coming from the hard disk area it could mean that the hard disk is failing. Clicking sounds are early warning signals of impending failure. Stop using the affected drive and make a clone of the drive. Then save all data from the drive, after which you should analyze the drive for defects.

    For cloning (making an exact copy of the entire disk) you need to connect the hard disk to a different computer and then use a cloning software. There are a few good free cloning software that you can download and run.

    There is Acronis (free download from WD's website)


    Apricorn (this is what I use):

    EaseUS: (I have used this) - look for the clone option.
  3. CrystalDiskInfo is a HDD health monitoring utility that might help you check if any other drives are going bad.
  4. Thanks, I'll look into it. Thanks also to ezskills for the link to the sounds. Though mine doesn't sound exactly the same, I guess they are similar enough to be worth investigating.

    Edit: CrystalDiskInfo says my hard disk is in good condition, and scanning it shows no defects...should I take it that the hard disk is only starting to fail (thus making those sounds) but not enough to be detected as "problematic"?
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