Mouse makes noise when i move it (SPEAKER/TV Problem)

Right, ill try and describe this as best as I can..

I have like a home theater system, with 2 connections on it, Phono and Aux, both with red/white RCA connectors on the back to plug into, i have the Phono going into my PC, and i have the Aux going into my TV..

Now, when im on my PC and have the amplifier on Phono, when I move my mouse it makes this high pitched noise, and has alot of buzzing in the back ground, but I found out when i unplug the RCA cables that go into my TV from the back of my amplifier, this problem completely dissapears.

All im wondering is how i go about getting rid of this issue? as it would be a a pain to keep on unplugging my TV from the amp every time I wanna use the sound on my PC


EDIT: When I switch the amplifier to AUX to use it through the TV the sound is as clear as hell.. so dont know what this problem is.
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