Severe Ghosting in games + browser. HELP!

I'm getting really bad ghosting in all my games, when scrolling in browser, even in yt videos/ films etc. kinda like this:

It basically makes it impossible to play a game for more than 30 minutes without getting a headache or my eyes just start hurting.

What i've tried so far:
- 2 different monitors : Benq RL2455HM 60Hz(turning AMA on or off doesnt help) and my older Samsung monitor, both have the same issue
- tried switching graphics cards, no changes ( im using ATI hd7850 and hd5770)
- tried 2 different DVI and 1 HDMI cable, problem still there
- also tried reinstalling my graphics drivers with drivercleanerpro
-reinstalled win 7 64bit

I've read that this is a problem whit LCD monitors , but this seems a little bit too much for me, i cant play any games like this it bothers me so much.And i also dont have the money to buy a 120 Hz monitor.
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  1. Now i switched out my motherboard and my cpu, and put everything back to my old pc case(didn't help), the only component that i didnt replace is my PSU, because i dont have another one. Is it possible that my PSU is causing this? Its a CHIEFTEC CFT-600-14CS. Or maybe im installing the drivers wrong...
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