Gigabyte gtx 670 heating problem

Hi i had an accident 3 months ago where i dropped my pc desktop on the ground. I was lucky and my case took the hit but since then whenever i play a big 3d game ex: Guild Wars 2 the heat goes up to 100 degree C. I did not sent it in repair yet but i have a 3 year warranty anyway. I think the heat sink spaced a litle bit from the GPU and i wondered if i unscrewed the heat sink and put some thermal paste back on it it will fix my problem instead of sending it to the manufacturer. Im not sure if removing the heatsink void my warranty. Plz i need wisdom
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  1. Removing the heatsink will void warranty. Try to RMA it.
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    This is a month old, but I figured I would tell you my experience. I was having heat issues too and ended up using Shin-etzu on the GPU and it brought temps down 10C..instantly. I wasn't running 100C though, and I never dropped mine, but it was so damn easy to do, that I couldn't ever imagine sending in a card for that. I used to think you had all the tiny screws around the shroud to remove, but it's just the 4 big screws on the bottom. One of the easiest jobs I've done on a computer.
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