Second harddrive, how will transferred programs work.

Recently I just got a second hard drive. Since my computer is primarily used for gaming, I decided it would be best to transfer all my game folders and directory's to the new hard drive. For example, I was thinking of transferring Steam to my second hard drive. Would I be able to just transfer, delete the original, and everything works as it did. Or is there more too it then that. Also before I install it and boot up, any tips or warnings I should be wary of?

Thank you for any and all responses.
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  1. Steam client should just live n the C drive. Games can be installed to/moved to any drive.

    Moving a Steam Installation and Games
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    If you want to move the steam program over you can just copy it over, uninstall it from the current location and install it on the new drive over it self.

    Since I have not had to do this with steam, you may wish to copy it to the new drive in another folder(so nothing can remove it by mistake)
    Uninstall it(save games should be un-touched[documents folder] and other save games will be on steam cloud)
    Install it on the other(new) drive then close it.
    Copy it over it self in the new drive(you should only need the steamapps folder to be honest.).
    Restart and log in. Steam may do some first run things with games, but other than that it should be back to normal.

    You can move programs without reinstalling via a guide I had made(works with games and programs), but for steam, I think this will be better. In the future you can also make a game library on any hard drive and steam will ask you what drive you want to install all new downloaded games onto.
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