Anybody know of a gpu gadget that works with a msi radeon r9 280x.

I've used quite a few gadgets and they either don't display any information or they dont even recognize the card. Anybody using a gadget that works with a r9 280x?
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  1. Gadget? Something like MSI Afterburner?
  2. Eduello said:
    Gadget? Something like MSI Afterburner?

    No not really. In windows 7 and vista they have gadgets. Little "widgets" you can out on the side of your desktop. I have a core temp gadget but I was wondering if there were any that worked with a 280x
  3. Try HWiNFO. It has a Rainmeter plug-in to display the values in a widget,
  4. Oh yeah, those. I've never used one so sadly I can't really help with that :( I don't own the R9 280X either so I'm not able to help with the testing...
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    on this link do not load the 1 one the show you but wait until the time counter be at 0 sec the use the zip link to avoid getting crap the zip is directly from the maker it is call zip gadget .
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