What windows 7 package should I buy for a new custom built PC?

I am building a new gaming PC for myself and I'm having trouble deciding on what windows 7 package to buy. I know I want Home Premium but when I'm on amazon there is the OEM version for $98.99 and there is another version that is not OEM for $400. I read that the OEM version is for those installing windows on a fresh new machine but that it is usually used for computers being sold. I'm not sure if that applies to me or just Manufactures. I'm honestly just trying to find the cheapest version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit that is for a first install on a clean hard drive.
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  2. just take a windows 7 home premium OEM, the cheapest. Pro version would give some advantage relevant only for business applications and will allow you to support more RAM
    basic : 8GB
    Home premium : 16 GB
    others : 192 GB

    You obviously doesn't need more than 16 GB so go for home premium !
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