I need help with a Gaming PC Build; Compatibility Inquiry. Please Help ASAP

I would like to build a Gaming PC as my old PC has stopped working and it's not worth paying for it to be repaired. I live in Ireland and I have found a website where I can get all of the needed components. I will leave all of the links below. I am happy with the price and I am ready to buy but I just want to be certain that it's compatible and will work for the games i wish to play as I know little about pc hardware. I want to play games such as Arma 3, DayZ Standalone, Rust, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike series, and Battlefield Hardline on medium settings with decent FPS. Those are all of the games i wish to be able to play, now onto the components. Please respond with all compatibility issues and if it cannot run games smoothly.

Thanks For Reading and Responding.
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    Is better than the 7770. I think you need to spend a little more on the gpu, I am unfamiliar with the pricing though,
  2. I took your advice and went for this: I really hope this is powerful enough because it's quite expensive.
  3. Now I just need to be assured that everything is compatible..
  4. The Athalon X4 you chose is on the FM2 socket and the motherboard you picked is a AM3+ socket, they are not compatible.
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    The only (affordable) good option for CPU on the AM3+ socket is the Fx-6300 for 100 Euro. The FM2 socket doesn't have any upgrades from the athalon x4s so it is not a good investment if you want to upgrade using the same motherboard in the future.
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