Sata HDD causes motherboard start up (Bios splash screen) hangs

Hello every one here is my problem with my Sata HDD maxtor stm380211as,
I partitioned this drive to two and I had a win 7 on this drive next to this sata HDD, there was a IDE maxtor 6y080l0 and partitioned this one to two too ☺; I wanted to have a win xp in my PC too , I booted my win 7 but I didn't format my drive C because I wanted have them (xp & 7) both I chose install Windows without changing option; after checking and copying setup files on this disk I found out that for having both windows (7 & xp) I should install xp first and then 7 (asked from a friend),after booting win 7 I found out that I cant run my win 7 ( I didn't want to lose it, important to me) even I cant continue installation of win xp, I started to install win xp to next partition of my sata HDD, after booting and selecting other partition and checking and copying setup files (I didn't format this partition either, I selected install without changing too) to this partition and restarting I couldn't continue installation either; I decided to revive my win 7 but I couldn't run any operating system; I used kaspersky rescue disk operation system to delet those setup files that were come during xp installation (I thought that conflicting of these setup files and win 7 caused to Preventing running of Win 7) I deleted setup files in both partition after that I couldn't revive my win 7 either, I forgot my win 7 and decided to install xp and I started to install win xp to C drive I chose nfts quick format and after copying setup files and restarting, here is my problem began, my pc hanged in starting (that where that during a small period of time asks for pressing delete for run setup or F8 for boot menu but my PC did not acting any thing just showing those options; I pressed delete or F8, it answer's that I pressed delete or F8 button but acting nothing). I separated my IDE maxtor HDD, hanged on that where again then I separated sata HDD it worked and I installed Win xp to my IDE maxtor HDD, works fine but every time when I connect my sata maxtor HDD it hang's on the beginning.
more info: my motherboard:945GZ/ct-m I have this Sata HDD for 6 years and I'm a hard user; Sata HDD maxtor stm380211as; When I connect Sata HDD there is no start up beep.
I connected my sata HDD during my windows was running, did not recognized by windows xp.
My own suggestion for salvation is to connect my sata HDD from usb port like a pen drive and then format it (is it performable? ) or is it possible to connecting my HDD to other motherboard and gonna work?
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    Get rid of XP completely and just install Windows 7 on your boot drive.
  2. i7Baby said:
    Get rid of XP completely and just install Windows 7 on your boot drive.

    Thanks for your suggestion & I'm gonna do it now but remember when I connect Sata maxtor HDD my mobo hangs on start up not related to XP or 7 I think
  3. Also - don't use IDE HDDs.
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